You're a dreamer too? I knew it. 


To sum me up in a sentence would look like this: I'm a Midwestern gal living in the tender Tennessee valley, writing and dreaming and building community, and learning to enjoy my Savior more and more every day.

Why a blog, you ask?

This blog began when I was a starry-eyed fresh college graduate, mostly as a way to keep my writing fingers loose. It has since evolved into a place to tell my story, to share the realness of life (making it through your twenties is a THING, you guys), and to build community through words (because, listen, I LOVE PEOPLE and I LOVE SHARING STORIES.)

The Lord is faithful, as He continues to prove over and over. I hope you’ll see His goodness in all the stories I tell, because there would be no story without Him.

 I want you, sweet friends, to join me on the journey. My hope is that as you follow along with my adventures your own heart will be stirred by Jesus and He will fill you to the brim with dreams and joy and hope.  


My heart beats...


The beat of a real explorer's heart quickens for beauty, adventure, and exploration. Not just in the physical realm, but also in seeking knowledge and finding beauty in understanding. 


We all have our own dreams, but God can dream bigger, and He always does. I'm on a mission (and you're invited) to figure out how to inherit His dreams so we learn to seek the things for which our hearts truly beat.


Sitting at home on the couch all day? Nah. Let's chase the wind, dance on the mountaintop, and soak up every grace and gift from Heaven in the fullest way possible.