Nash-iversary No. 2

One week ago I celebrated my two-year Nash-iversary. HAPPIEST DAY. Two years has certainly slipped quickly by, but I also feel like I've been here much longer. Time is funny that way, isn't it? 

I got all nostalgic for a moment last week, like ya do, and thought back over the last two years and what got me here. When people ask why I came to Nashville, I always tell them, "Because I could." Which is true. I did it because, well, why not?

Sometimes, I think God steps back and lets us make choices. What I mean by that is, while I believe He is always orchestrating and watching, I feel like there are watershed moments where He stands right behind us and whispers, What are you going to do? Nashville was one of those moments for me. I had two equally good choices: stay in Kansas, save money, and reroot in my hometown, or up and move to a new city for absolutely no reason, and see what might happen. 

The winter before I moved, I drove down for a visit with my friend Monica. While in town, I spent time with my future roommate, Meagan, and she asked me how I was feeling about the move. At the time, I was uncertain. I didn't feel a strong nudge from Jesus in either direction. In fact, I got pretty wish-washy about it for a bit. I wanted a flashing neon sign. Like, HEY GIRL, DO THIS. But no such thing ever appearedThere was no carrier pigeon from the heavens, with a handwritten letter telling me to go. In fact, I (honestly) had very few conversations with Jesus about Nashville. I remember telling Meagan I was afraid of the move, because I knew moving to Nashville would stretch me and grow me past my current comfort level. The Main Dude knew it too, clearly. Because He knows all the things. But He didn't force anything. He let me decide.

And here I am, two years later. Completely blown away by the beauty, grace, stretching and growth. Ready for whatever year three might have in store. Very thankful.

All that to say, if indecision has ever got you stuck, and you feel like you have to wait for a neon sign from above, maybe you don't. Maybe it's time to take a step. One deep breath, one step. Let the adventure happen. To be frozen by fear, or indecision, or the desire for security is completely normal. But frozen things are stuck. And you, my friend, were not made to be stuck. You were made to explore and create and do. Throw caution to the wind a little bit. Like, be wise about it, but also don't over think. Leap. Maybe you'll soar, maybe you won't quite. But either way, there will be blessing. There will be growth. And there will be wild beauty and grace every step on the way.