When Life Feels Like a Handful of Sand

Here's a question: how often do you find yourself hustling hard to keep up with a self-imposed idea of what your life should look like?

It's easy to become dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in our tiny little worlds, isn't it? When the world seems a little off, I spend equal amounts of time assuming everything is my fault, or everyone else's fault.

The list of dissatisfactions can be endless and annoyingly repetitious...

I'm not meeting my potential. I want deeper community. My job isn't fulfilling. I am adulting very poorly today.

Do you ever think those thoughts? 

Do you know the feeling of scrambling to make everything go a certain way because you're so certain you have the right game plan? Then the feeling of being frustrated beyond belief when you don't succeed?

I find myself often trying to hold a bunch of things together on my own strength. But I've noticed that the harder I hold on, the more things seem to slip away. Like when you squeeze a handful of sand and it pours through the cracks between your fingers. Holding on to sand is very tricky business.

Can I encourage you to stop hustling for a minute and just...relax?

I don't mean stop working or doing or anything like that. But if you are scrambling around, trying to chase what you think your life should look like, take a break from that. 

I tend to walk with my head down, concentrating on my steps and getting to my destination. The swifter the better. Often, I treat life the same way. Head down, brow furrowed, just gotta get to the next thing. Hustle, hustle, hustle.

The other day I walked with my head up, figuratively speaking. For the first time in a good while I saw a lot of beauty in my current state of affairs. Instead of focusing on all the things that needed fixing, I realized there are an awful lot of things that are actually pretty sweet.

I have to tell myself constantly there is no checklist for life. I'm not doing it wrong. I don't have to control it all.

I can't control it all.

And the truth is, while my life may not look quite like I think I want it to, it's looks pretty freaking beautiful.

So chill out, pal. Slow down a little bit. Walk with your head up so you can take in the beauty of springtime. 

Stop squeezing that sand quite so tight. As it turns out, sand is a lot easier to hold when you relax your grip and hold it gently, cupped in your hands.