Road Trips and Big Gifts

I drove to and fro across seven of the fifty states this weekend. That's a lot of think time, y'all. For an internal processor such as myself, upwards of seven-hour car trips can be kind of nice. Plenty of head space in which to stretch out and dig down. Life has been wildly, beautifully busy these last few weeks, and I had some settling and sorting to do. Do you ever take time to just sit and let your mind go? Like our bodies, I think our brains need play time. Space to expand and explore and create without any kind of boundary or filter or agenda. 

I spent the first drive, from Nashville to Kansas City, teaching myself Godspell harmonies. Because, wouldn't ya know, one of the ways God is loving on me right now is by letting me be in my favorite musical of all time at a little dinner theatre in North Nashville. Buy tickets. Seriously it's going to be so tight.

When I wasn't warbling through the chorus of "By My Side" fifteen times in a row, though, I sat in silence. My thoughts just kind of wandered. I prayed through some tough spots, and asked for forgiveness for some ding dong things I've done lately, and also said thank you a whole bunch of times. You know, a big thanks to Jesus for all those dreams that have been coming true. Then I sat quietly. And Jesus did that thing He does, where He talks without speaking. A single verse floated from one side of my mind to the other, and with it came the sweetest revelation.

Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.

Heart dreams and desires seem like the same thing to me, friends. I've been all aflutter with joy over these dreams Jesus is letting me catch. It never occurred to me that He was granting the desires of my heart. But OF COURSE He is.

I imagine Jesus looking me right in the eye, with a warm smile, and saying something like this:

My sweet girl, nothing brings me more joy than giving you what your heart desires. When you are delighted, it brings me delight. I love to watch you laugh and enjoy the  life I have given you! I want to lavish good things on you, can't you tell? And, my girl, if I'm giving you all these things now, can you learn to trust me to give you the rest of your dreams too? Trust me when I say, I'm looking forward to your wedding day as much as you are. But for now, soak up all the fun and growing and joy I've given you in this season. I'm handing the the rest.

Do you love to give gifts? I do. Christmas Day is my favorite day not because of the gifts I am given, but because of the gifts I get to give. I love picking things out, and wrapping them with care, and I always get a little excitedly antsy when it comes time for my family and friends to open them. 

God knows that feeling. He freakin' loves giving gifts, too. Probably more than I do. It actually brings your Savior infinite delight to lavish gifts on you, his precious one. I don't know why it's so hard to buy into that idea but can definitely be. Friend, let yourself believe it. Learn to see His gifts as they come, and receive them and go have a ball! 

Pro tip: Spring is definitely one of those gifts. Sunshine and fresh air and new life, ya know? Get out there and bask in it.